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HoloVizio returns to Dubai for GITEX 2009

Gitex 2009
Holografika will be demonstrating its high-end HoloVizio 3D display technology on GITEX Technology Week  2009, Business Solutions sector in Dubai during 18–22 October.

Visitors of the Hungarian booth (
Hall no: 2, Stand No: G2-30.) will be invited to see 3D interactive applications on the HoloVizio display.
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HoloVizio™ 3D display receives LG projector base

HoloVizio 3D display logo
Budapest, 10. February, 2009. – The latest version of HoloVizio™ 3D-displays provide 3D images for multiple viewers without special glasses or head tracking by incorporating several LG projectors. The 3D display technology – developed and patented by Holografika Ltd. from Hungary - in its latest form, which won the Lyon ITC spectators’ award, uses LG’s HS101 LED projectors. The innovative 3D display has proven its worth on various market segments,including medicine and oil research.
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