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No glasses needed
Naked eye
Holovizio main feature #1/5
Watching 3D images on HoloVizio is simple as blinking your eyes. No need to wear glasses, nor polarized neither bicolor (anaglyph). Simply stand in front of the screen and enjoy the highest quality 3D image available by our latest patented technologies.

Other '3D' displaying technologies that use glasses usually create artifacts by causing eye strain, headache, dizziness to the users. Watching 3D images without glasses demolishes these limits of watching 3D displays for longer period of time.

HoloVizio is the only technology capable of showing natural 3D images without glasses that is available on the market today.
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HoloVizio722 RC
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Our products in operation

Seeing is believing. Computer animations explaining 3D technologies can often be found. The movies above are real camera shots, this is what you would see live on the HoloVizio displays.

Full-angle 3D displaying

Full-angle 3D displaying: HoloVizio 80WLT 
Watch in HD

CAD model demonstration on HoloVizio 80WLT controlled by Leap Motion

Interactive CAD model demonstration on HoloVizio 80WLT
Watch in HD!

General purpose 3D displaying: HoloVizio 360P

General purpose 3D displaying: HoloVizio 360P 
Watch in HD!

The first glasses-free 3D cinema

The world's first 3D glasses-free cinema: HoloVizio C80
Watch in HD!

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HoloVizio 3d display in operation
HoloVizio 128WD in operation
(10 sec, 1.2 Mb)

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Girls'Day 2016
28 April 2016
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The 4th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair 2016
Exhibitor: Morgan Star Group/摩根斯达集团
Hall : 2
Stand No.: 1B077

21-23 April 2016
Shanghai, China
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Poster Presentation at ACM ITS 2015
15-18 Nov 2015, Madeira
Tangible Holographic 3D Objects with Virtual Touch
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World Science Forum 2015
3-7 Nov 2015, Budapest
Innovation in Hungary
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ITU Telecom World
12-15 October 2015
Budapest, Hungary
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Holografika at CIFIT 2015
8-11 Sept 2015
Xiamen, China
Stand: D137, Hungary-MSG
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HoloVizio C80 glasses-free 3D cinema system
HoloVizio C80 glasses-free 3D cinema system
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